Sunday, July 31, 2016

Block 8 done

For a moment there early this morning I thought this would be my second Sunday not taking my PJ’s off with DH being out of town again.  However with my phone diary safely transferred to the new phone I got a reminder of a Holistic fair later this morning and I promised my youngest that I would go with her.

So with an icy wind outside it turned into a get up and go day

It was interesting but all so new to me, this Holistic stuff.  Crystals, a psychic (my daughter took his card and wants to make contact with her dead dog???), marijuana creams, lotions and even a base that you can take orally (legal, I wonder?), dream catchers, organic food, vegan food but I can add much better organised than the Arts & Crafts market we attended recently.

I finished block 8 (Marena) from the “Katja Marek’s Quiltwith me” project and I am rather chuffed with having completed 8 blocks in one month.

Not sewing at all tonight.  I will get my laundry updated and might trace a couple of block patterns onto freezer paper for future use but I do think I just need a break from needle and thread.  Maybe I’ll even watch a downloaded movie or part of a series.

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