Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Christmas over and done with

We had the big kids over the day before Christmas and spent most of the day outdoors by the pool and in the garden while DH slaved away trying to get as much as possible done in the main bedroom.

Granddaughter, Lleia discovered the trampoline, had her first Christmas gifts to open and experienced her first late evening awake until grandpa put her in the hammock and soon she was back to dreamland.

The day after Christmas we drove to visit Karin’s family at the dam where the men caught lovely fish and we ladies enjoyed cocktails and a lovely lunch prepared for us by the De Villiers girls. 

DH had to start the workers again today which gave me time to run through the house with a mop and do the washing seeing that our blonde is leaving for a holiday with friends later today and needs ALL her clothing!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Only 4 rows needed

My hexagons turned cubes quilt is only 4 rows away from joining the top to the bottom and having a completed flimsy.

I decided to tackle this UFO when we had a sewing date at Karin’s but alas the 4 rows have become a massive obstacle and I just can’t get myself to do this.

Here the two halves overlapping on my design wall can be seen.

In my defense DH is renovating our bedroom and the house is a huge mess to say the least but with every day comes a little progress.

These photos show the wall behind the bed being turned into a focal point.  One of these days we might be sleeping on our bed again.

Monday, December 03, 2012

A centipede for princess Lleia

Our granddaughter was named after princess Leia in Star Wars – the spelling is slightly different and our Lleia is much fatter than the Leia on TV!

Now my son’s name is Roelf and our 12 year old African Grey parrot doesn't like him very much but says his name perfectly.  So when my son got married, the parrot immediately called his wife, “Roelf” too. When the granddaughter arrived, we all called her princess – all of us except for Meeko, the parrot, who now calls her Princess Roelf.  Not taught, not told – she made the connection.

I decided that Lleia must have a couple of handmade soft toys and even before I made her the little patchwork puppy in THIS POST I made her this centipede using both knitting and crochet.

Poor Karin had her hands full trying to explain to me all the knitting and crochet abbreviations but it got done!