Thursday, July 27, 2017

All stacked up – 2

I went sale shopping with my youngest yesterday and found a pants and gown at really good prices but for my undies I had to pay full price.  My daughter however, being of a smaller size than the average person, had a ball with all the items on sale. I did not dress in appropriate shoes for a shopping spree and back home my feet were killing me, so I didn’t do much apart from taking these photos.

Unfortunately my design wall is in the passage right opposite my sewing room.  Unfortunately for the simple reason that I can’t get enough distance being inside the sewing room to take a photo of the full width of the design wall, so I had to take this photo from an angle.  I have finished one whole row from left to right and can now join these and take out the pins.

I can also not just use flannel to adhere the blocks to as our 3 huge dogs loves playing in the passage and with the wind caused by them running up and down, my blocks simply comes flying down.  So pins I will have to use.  With having a row sewn together I need fewer pins though.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

All stacked up - 1

I downloaded this free pattern over HERE 
It was designed by Linda and Carl Sullivan. You can find their website over HERE 

I immediately knew this would qualify as a quilt to bust my scraps even though the designers used Kaffe Fasset fabric (Collective Spring 2017) and I didn’t have too many scraps of these as I tend to rather use them for fussy cutting BUT (and there is somehow always a ‘but’ with my quilting) I wanted it bigger…. much bigger.

Now with most patterns simply enlarging the blocks or making more blocks will do the job but this one baffled me especially with the layout but I eventually got the hang of it.

This is the very beginning of my current project but now I have to get ready for a 60th birthday party tonight.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ever after kids’ panel – Completed

I didn’t get much quilting done last week, life happened. I had a nice birthday though with lovely gifts from family and friends.  I will share my quilty gift from Karin at a later stage.  After the Port Elizabeth quilt festival my head is absolutely brimming with ideas and it is as if time disappears in the mist. To make matters worse I had a quilt being free-motioned on my table and 3 design walls stuffed with projects in the making, so not fair to start yet another project.

Hubby has not been feeling well for 2 weeks and on Friday it reached a climax when he started getting the chills, overdressing and refusing to move away from the heater.  Best time to make a doctors’ appointment for a stubborn man and without resisting he went and got into bed just after 2pm.  So I had the house and my time to myself alas only at 8pm after seeing that all the pets were sorted, hubby was fed and drugged, the kitchen tidy and my face cleaned could I pour myself a decent glass of wine and get in behind my Grand Quilter.

I finished the free motion, cut the binding strips with my newly acquired 2½” GO strip cutter and left the binding to do while watching the men’s final on Wimbledon.
Again no fabric purchased for this quilt, all came from my stash or scrap drawers.

Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Siyadala (we create) – Port Elizabeth quilt festival

As I imagined going on this trip with Karin turned out to be every bit as much fun as all the other trips we’ve done.
Even though not beginner quilters anymore, we shopped as if it was the first time we’ve ever been to a festival.
I took a couple of EPP blocks along and worked in the car on our way there, in the hotel room at night and even on our way back again.
We stayed in a hotel one street away from the beach and if the traffic subsided we could hear the waves.
Way too much alcohol was consumed….. but by then we mostly were in our PJ’s in our room, so safe as can be.
And on the last day we even had time to stroll along the beach and see what the beachfront had to offer.
Thanks Karin for an amazing time and your hubby being so kind to take and fetch us again.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Looking forward to our trip

Friend Karin and I are going to the Siyadala Quilt Festivalin Port Elizabeth and I am so excited.  We always have so much fun and stories to tell after one of these trips. Fortunately Karin’s husband is driving us down, so no scissors being taken off by airline security or paying fines for overweight luggage.  We’ve decided to treat ourselves by staying in a hotel with all the glitz and glamour that comes along with it.

I am however positive about being productive and plan to quilt in the hotel room at night as the two of us have no hangovers about going to our room at 8 pm.  Anyway my handwork is all prepped and bagged…. Feeling ever so eager to get things done!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Block 30

I sure am in no hurry to finish this but slowly I am getting there.  This is Debbie the 30th block.