Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Block 23 – Dawn

This one turned out a little too bright and bold for me but it is done and I am not redoing it!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Block 22 - Nancy

Another thing that makes these quiltlets so nice to make is that I can use all the fabric I often wondered what ever made my buy these.  Now I can work out some of that “not so nice” fabric without wasting any.

Friday, October 21, 2016

A major hail storm!

We’ve been in serious need of rain for two years now with our dams running dry, municipal fines for watering our gardens and occasionally water cuts with no running water in our houses at all.  Then yesterday the first sounds of thunder could be heard and pretty soon, we got the most welcome rain in years!  It kept falling and by late afternoon it came down hard accompanied by hail….. which became bigger and bigger the longer it came down.  I so enjoyed every moment of the sound, smell and possibility of all old germs being washed away that I never even thought of damage being caused.

Some people really had severe water damage to their cars and houses and this morning at work we were inundated with insurance claims from damaged floors.  Sadly it is not as if we can afford to take on any more work.

This is what our breakfast area just outside the kitchen looked like late yesterday afternoon.

Got home from work, started dinner, put the parrot to bed and then tried to clean some of the mess.  I used my trusty leave blower or reverse vacuum as I call it and pretty soon, it almost looked fine again.
The rest of the garden however is one massive leafy mess and at this stage it seems like it will take forever to clean.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Clue 7

I finished my 12 Tie Fighters for this clue of the Hillbilly Space Journey mystery and if I have it right, we should start piecing all the clues together soon.  Not having used the prescribed fabric I am quite eager to see what my table runner would look like.  It can be a massive flop and not give the desired effect or it might just work.  I am hoping for the latter.
And as I was about to publish this, I saw two on the right hand side were joined incorrectly.  Darn!! Not quite done yet.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Block 21 - Elaine

Not much happened on the quilting front this weekend.  We had our granddaughter for a sleepover on Friday and when she left Saturday morning I prepped and planned my Sunday lunch before we headed off to our friends to watch rugby on television with them.

Sunday morning I went shopping with DIL for the new baby while DH played golf, then had all the kids and MIL over for lunch.

Luckily block 21 was already pieced and halfway quilted or I wouldn’t have had anything to show.