Sunday, July 15, 2018

Progressive Detail quilting – 4

Granddaughter came out of hospital on Saturday and hopefully life will return to somewhat normal with no more trips to the hospital.  We had Big Man over Friday night and this little bugger woke up at 4 am, had breakfast at 5 and the conveniently went back to sleep at 6 am.  Now that is something I just cannot do, once awake and up, I won’t fall asleep again.  So by mid-afternoon I was rather tired and could use a lovely afternoon nap but it was Wimbledon ladies’ final, I just took a customer quilt off the frame, had two new ones delivered and I so wanted to steal a little time to start working on this course. Time to prioritise, took the quilt of the frame to measure for pricing and this is the back of the quilt.  I have a separate page on my blog where I show the fronts.

Then I took an amazing nap and woke up just in time to see the end of the men’s’ final that couldn’t be finished on Friday.  So while trying to watch the ladies’ final I simultaneously followed the video on my class….. big mistake, got distracted and made a marking mistake in the very first row, so TV and tennis were put on mute.  What a tedious process marking a quilt turned out to be.  Yes, I do mark my quilts too but never the whole quilt before I even start.  I will take a photo, print a black and white copy, decide what goes where on graph paper and mark as I go when I get to that section.  After marking this one, I am rather convinced (unless a whole cloth) I won’t ever mark a complete quilt again and this one is still small, only 36” square.

With my backing and batting for this ready I started looking at the photo of the new customer quilt to get ideas for the quilting and by bedtime, I had the outer border sorted. Then I returned to my class video on the actual quilting and this looks like so much fun, right up my alley but will I get it done.  These things always look so easy when someone else does it until you get to be the one behind the machine handles!  Still I could not wait to start.

Up early this morning, loaded the quilt and got started and the class picture looked more daunting than it really is but when I got to the centre block I could feel my shoulder acting up from all the intense ruler work and micro quilting and I had to take a break.

I do love doing these courses as it takes you out of your comfort zone making you realize you are capable of more. A pity Kevin Anderson did not win the final but hopefully his day will come soon, he has worked so hard to get where he is.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Progressive Detail quilting – 3

What can I say, if you’re good, you’re good!  I finished the third quilt top needed for this iquilt class literally seconds before the first quarter final on Wimbledon started.  So with my three tops done, I can officially start the class (after finishing customer quilts on the frame) but until the final of Wimbledon on Sunday, I don’t believe much quilting will happen.

Furthermore grand-princess might be going into theater on Friday, if the fever doesn’t return and that might just sway this grandma to give up tennis to be with her.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Progressive Detail quilting – 2

I have finished a panel quilt on the frame and it has been delivered to the quilter.  Trying new things with every quilt and learning as I go some mistakes bigger than others but I guess I will finally get there.

Also done with the second quilt top to be used in this course.  I am not sure I like the colours but at least it will be different than the first.

Furthermore I spend yesterday afternoon with granddaughter at the hospital to give her mom a break to go see her family and Big Man.  Shame, he has no clue as to why mom and Sis abandoned him and when he came to the hospital yesterday he just wanted to touch and hug his sister.  What must be going through this little mind?

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Progressive Detail quilting – 1

This is the name of the course I am doing on iquilt and what it boils down to is making 3 tops, using the same pattern (I opted to change the color for each) and then be taught on how to quilt these with the quilting on each one getting more intense/dense or as the name states more progressive.

Got my fabric sorted and cut in between doing other projects/quilts and when I woke up at 4 am one morning, started piecing the first top.

Now back to the beginning to select fabric for the second top.

We however had big man over on Friday and Saturday morning, with his sister still in hospital as they try to manage her fever, and then not much quilting happens.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Simplify – 2

It always amazes me of how I can, one moment, feel as if I have nothing to do or planned and the next all hell breaks loose and everything happens at the same time.  I started this as a new project but not for someone specific so I could work on it leisurely.  I was awaiting 2 quilts to put onto the frame, so while waiting for these, I could work on my project and then…….. Facebook happened. 

Angela Walters is hosting a free-motion quilt along, so do Lauren Jackson and then I saw an iquilt free-motion class that I really wanted to do and for all of these I will need a project to work on.  Where to start and what to do first?

When approaching my desk at the office finding it a neat mess – I only work mornings and in the afternoon everyone dumps whatever they needed done on my table – and that is my welcome note when I walk in; I have taught myself not to get into a flat spin about these.  Just start at the top of the pile and work your way down until you can see the table again.  So I think this is the approach I should take with all these planned projects.

And then to top it all granddaughter ended up in hospital again.  I honestly don't know where my sympathies should go.  The kid in hospital, the mother who is due to suffer from burn out soon, the baby not having the foggiest idea why mom and sister suddenly abandoned him or my son, who would also like to be in 3 places at the same time.  New doctor, so maybe we get lucky this time.  Everything does happen for a reason.

With my Simplify project making good progress I decided to save the links to the other videos – hopefully where I can find them again, luckily this need not be done with the iquilt class as your classes remain available for you to work on whenever you can and continue with my Simplify project and in between work on a quilt on the frame.

While thinking about either of the above projects I started searching through my stash to find fabric to make the tops needed for the iquilt class.

I think top 1 is sorted and meanwhile my Simplify is growing steadily.