Saturday, July 30, 2016

Maureen completed

This is block number 7 from the “Katja Marek’s Quilt withme” project and the saying “practise makes perfect” has proven to be so valid.  I can actually see my blocks improve the more I make them.

On Friday I had the last of my treats for my “be good to yourself” week and went for a pedicure which was a birthday gift from DH.  With free Wi-Fi (not a given in Southern Africa) I could update all my apps on my brand new cellular phone while having my feet pampered.

Decided to give the tablet I got for free with my new cellular phone to dearest granddaughter, Lleia for use when visiting us.  So I went shopping for a ‘secure me from being dropped’ cover and afterwards wrecked my brain to find a vegetarian dish to prepare for dinner as my youngest planned to come over to visit tonight.  Decided on an asparagus quiche but simply stuff the filling in a red pepper and bake these (mine however will have smoked ham).  Then she couldn’t come because someone who had to work for her simply didn’t pitch and she had to go to work tonight.

However still had the big kids and our granddaughter over.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Block 6 – Dolores

I dropped my cell phone just as I entered the house yesterday afternoon.  An amazing feeling of ‘now no-on can bother me’ quickly turned into a less cool feeling knowing that I too can’t contact anyone and the worst part….. I don’t have the foggiest to what happens in my diary.  Some you hit, some you miss, I guess.

So MIL needed to go to physio today, she couldn’t get hold of me and phoned my daughter who too couldn’t get hold of me and after phoning DH (the only one informed about my phone simply because I know his number by heart) and he then told them about my little mishap.  Clever kid that my daughter is, she decided that mom without a phone is totally worthless and organised to fetch grandma and sort her physio…… something just makes me think I should not replace this phone??

With Block 6 I tried THIS TECHNIQUE by Tonya Owens but used Freezer paper instead of glue.  I think it worked great for fussy cutting and I didn’t need transparent templates or cut my paper shapes different than normal.

The biggest part of my afternoon was spent getting a new phone and even got a tablet included.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Block 5 (Caroline) done

People who think they know us will tell you that I am the tantrum thrower and DH the calm, cool and collective one which mostly is true but with a little twist.  When DH reaches breaking point he’ll gladly applaud and appreciate my tantrum throwing as long as I get his point across and I do the dirty work.  Well guess what, I will gladly oblige.

So last night, DH knowing that he’ll be leaving early  this morning spilled the beans about any and every unhappiness he has with staff and office situations and I better sort the crap out before he returns.

So I started this freezing cold Wednesday early.  Been at the office at 06:30 as I am somewhat of a routine freak needing to do certain tasks in a set routine and I wanted to get these out of the way before turning into the wicked witch of central South Africa.  When DH left at 4 am I was up and about typing notes on what to say to which staff member.  So a couple of very disillusioned members in our business today but I think they got my drift.

Still part of my “be good to yourself” week, I had yet another treat to a facial this afternoon and yes, another BD gift from a friend.

Furthermore I am really having so much fun with these “quiltlets “ and having that weekly ‘I have accomplished something’ feeling.

Anyone joining me?

I only recently learnt about the EPP projects and patterns of the Hillbilly Quilt Shop and needless to say, bought all the patterns (PDF instant downloads) and now follow Tonya’s blog.

She has a new EPP mystery starting on 1 August and even though I have so many other projects going, I am just SO tempted.  Check this out over HERE.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Funky Wildlife Baby quilt

Very proud of myself for the speed in which I finished the Funky Wildlife baby quilt, I started the binding today, just to find a huge chunk still not quilted!  The cold really causes me to suffer from brain freeze or something, so the last bit of quilting had to be done after the binding was sewn on. 

The very white pillowcase contrasted way too much and I tried to change this by adding a couple of wax crayon stripes and heat setting these but it didn’t make much of a difference.

Not being an artist I don’t want to add more and in the end make it worse, so DIL will just have to add more white elements to the cot…. Bumper rails, teddies or whatever tickles her fancy.

Decided to make this week my “be good to yourself” week and ordered home cooked meals to be delivered to my door every evening and last night we had white rice, creamy chicken a la king, spinach and a pasta salad.  Tonight’s’ Steakhouse basted pork chops, mash, gravy, green beans and coleslaw was equally as good.

For my birthday my son and DIL gave me a 30 minute foot massage and scrub voucher and I had an appointment at 3 pm this afternoon.  What an amazing Thai experience.  I never knew a foot massage included having your arms pulled behind your head, stretching your back out and even massaging pressure points in your neck and shoulders! Truly lovely, thanks kids.