Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jo’s medallion mystery completed

We have the grandchildren over this weekend.  The young lady came yesterday afternoon and will most probably stay until Sunday after lunch when her parents plan to take her to our annual show and then leave the little man with us for the afternoon.

So while she and her granddad did some drawing and colouring I got to do the binding of this quilt.

With this done I printed the label, popped the quilt in the washing machine and got up early this morning to add the label.  Apart from the red and yellow, all the fabrics used were from my stash.
This is now big enough for a single bed and I guess the young lady will get it.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hopefully fixed

I got released from hospital (again) last Thursday after 2 metal strips were attached to my jawline (side and bottom) to reinforce the old chap.  For two weeks after this my diet must consist of clear fluids only.  When asked to define this, the clever nurse said if you have the liquid in a glass you must be able to read your newspaper through it. So I said then it must be wine and water.  The doctor didn’t find this very funny and said no only drinks without milk in it.  Have your coffee black.  Now I would like to see this youngster read his newspaper through a mug of black coffee!

Although I don’t have much physical pain I am still occasionally dead tired and just feel like getting onto a bed and just be….. Not read, not watch TV or play a game on my phone.  Just be still.  I did however go back to the office on Friday as we neared the end of the month and some things simply could not be left undone.

Today I am enjoying yet another public holiday, quilting to my heart’s content while the interior decorator is doing the final touches in the entrance and I was not allowed to watch until finished.

This is the end result and I am so chuffed.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Not turning into a food blog

It is absolutely amazing when you can’t have food, how it simply becomes the one thing you constantly think about.  Planning most of my weekly meals ahead has almost become second nature but occasionally it can backfire.

This week I’ve decided to do the weekly menu of one of our bigger food retailers and guess what is on the menu tonight?  Smoked apricot and honey glazed snoek with “roosterkoek” (directly translated it would be grilled cake, but basically bread) with apricot jam.

There I was smoking the fish, smelling the flavours, spreading the jam and unable to eat a single thing.  So cup-a-soup, here I am again.

So this is what hubby got for dinner.

And then there’s mine….. at least I have “after dinner wine” – both served with straws!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ah snap!

Satisfied with all the quilting I got done this week I got to do other things.  Shopped with my youngest, planning my menu for the upcoming week, washing everything made of material in the TV room, seeing that hubby painted not only the new ceilings but the walls in this room too, went menu shopping and so much more.

Got home, made myself a cup of coffee, took a plate with salty-cracker biscuits to my computer and just planned to relax the rest of the day.  As I chewed on about cracker number 5 I heard this gunshot go off in my head and even not being clued up on anything medical, I just knew this jaw, is no more.

Went to hubby, then painting the entrance and said that I’m sorry to interrupt but I think we should go to hospital.  A strange stiffness immediately made it very difficult to talk without pain, even swallowing my own spit hurt.

Got to emergency, had an X-ray taken and yip, the jaw was fractured in a Z shape but the surgeon, I guess the only one we have in our city, only returns on Tuesday, after Easter.  So I was given my X-ray CD, asked if I needed more painkillers and told not to eat, laugh, yawn or talk until I get to see the doctor.

What a way to not only end Easter weekend but my sick leave too.  I guess a new round coming up soon!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Quilting fun

Setting my timer for 15 minute intervals I had so much fun quilting my Mystery quilt.  I looked at a single section that needed to be done, selected a pattern from my heaps of books and then set out doing small portions at a time.  Normally I would just want to get this done and meander all over the place.  I am rather pleased with the results.
I also got a nice pile of strips sets done ready to be cross-cut.
I must admit after this I was out for the count regarding quilting and I guess I enjoy it so much because it is just a hobby and as a rule I won’t be quilting from the morning to the evening.  Getting my hour (if that much) of quilting in a day is about what I need to keep me wanting to come back for more. After this intense week of everyday quilting, I am satisfied to the brim.