Friday, July 01, 2016

The process of sandwiching

I had somewhat of a brain draining Friday with having to pay wages and being the end of a month (or then the first day of the beginning of the next month, equally awful).  Didn’t get to leave the office as early as usual and when I got home had to shop for some weekend cooking first.

Finally got to move my car out of the garage and set up my folding tables.  These gathered so much dust that a major cleaning operation had to take place first.

Realised I suddenly only had 5 of these tables and I used to have 6.  So somewhere along the line DH decided what’s mine, is ours and kidnapped it…. Will ask him about it this evening.

So with backing secured with bulldog clips and the batting layered on top (or as far as my tables stretched) I started the spray basting process and before long I had a quilt sandwich.  I am not doing too bad.

Flimsy passed the test

While waiting for DH to approve the placement of the blocks in the flimsy, I got up to date with the laundry, put the parrot to bed, organised supper and went shopping for batting and backing.

I then glue basted another row to my Clam shell hand project and ironed new freezer paper shapes to fabric for the row following this one.  I therefore had some handwork to do while watching Wimbledon tennis with DH.

Being done with the top, I could finally get rid of all my notes and pattern pieces to have the sewing room somewhat neatened.

This weekend I have every intention of sandwiching the quilt.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More unpicking… ugh

Left the office early again as my weekly cleaning crew wanted to do the windows but were too scared of our dogs.  So I came home, kept myself with the dogs in one room with the door closed.  I guess not too a big price to pay for clean windows.  I couldn’t wait for the cleaners to leave so I could get quilting but again, spotted another mistake.  Block 4, row 4, (marked with tape on the photo) printed fabric in the wrong place, so more unpicking and fixing!

Finally the quilt top sewn together but I am not quite relaxed yet.  I have it up against the glass doors in the TV room for final inspection by DH tonight.  He has the amazing ability to spot a mistake on a quilt the moment he walks into a room.  I on the other hand stare at it for days on end without seeing my own mistakes.

Changing my dislikes to likes

I’m not too fond of left-over food, especially not the very next day after I have served it.  Maybe wait another day or two and then try the left-over thing again.

As I left the office yesterday DH said that we had enough left-overs and I shouldn’t cook.  Now he says this often and I often prefer to simply ignore him and do my thing at home.  However today, just as I entered the house my phone alarm clock went off, reminding me that Wimbledon starts today.  So a sudden change of mind, left-over food is not really all that bad.

Even took Meeko, the parrot, earlier for her afternoon nap and then it was just me, my quilting with the tennis on TV.  Now I don’t watch every single shot but still one can sense when tension builds up and then it is just a matter of a quick glance at the TV to decide whether to sew or to watch tennis.  Multi-tasking of sorts.

Started sewing my rows together but there must always be a spanner in the wheel as even though it feels like I’ve checked and re-checked every block placement, I still had to unpick with a block or two turned the wrong way.

My youngest came over to discuss wedding arrangements (getting married in Feb 2017) and hampered my plans of a quick quilt top finish but I guess these plans have to be made as well.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rows all done

After I had mother-in-law and the older kids over for Sunday lunch, I finished the last two rows of my machine project, so this coming week, I can hopefully start joining the rows.

In the mean while Socks, our ginger cat, came to check on my progress on one of my handwork projects.