Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fiesta BOM – 10 blocks done

Now this is truly an UFO.  I noticed the last time I posted anything on my Fiesta BOM (a free download from Fatcatpatterns) was in August 2011!

These poor blocks have been pinned to my design wall forever and I decided to seriously continue and see if I couldn't finish this soon.

I have 10 blocks done or done as in……………. appliqué shapes ironed to the background.  I still will have to stitch all these shapes down.  I just reckoned it would go much faster if I do all the blocks first before the stitching then I do not have to constantly change my thread colour.  At this stage it doesn't seem like my idea of ‘faster’ has any meaning at all!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ria’s Graffiti blocks done

My final two Graffiti blocks!  Yippee…. and on time as well seeing that our Saturday group only meets for the last time on 7 December.

Ria was the person I found it the hardest to make blocks for.  Okay, one was easy… the coffee block reminding her of me (and my love for coffee) but then I had to make a block about something she reminds me off.

Now you should meet Ria to understand what I am getting at.  This lady simply can do everything and anything and choosing one of her talents just seemed so unfair, so I had to search hard and deep to find that perfect block to make for Ria.

And with these two blocks I'm done with any commitment I've taken on lately and plan to now strictly focus on my own quilting…… those dear UFO’s!

Completed:  16 November 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sonja's Graffiti blocks

Can you still remember those Graffiti blocks I so eagerly started making in December 2012 which came to an abrupt end after making 20 with my last post about these in February 2013?  Well unfortunately I wasn't done yet and the year just kept speeding past.  I still had 4 blocks to make.  With our last meeting for the year – when all our blocks should be done – around the corner, I had to start pulling my weight and on Thursday I finished Sonja’s two blocks.

I know it is only 2 six inch blocks but I felt like I've accomplished so much knowing that I might just finish all in time!

Completed:  14 Nov 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sringtime....... nope Springtime!

I am finally done with the Kaleidoscope quilt I've been blogging about in my last couple of posts.  In fact I actually finished it in September already but just found the time to write about it.  Started working again, so my priorities changed somewhat in the last couple of months.

Anyway, the piecing went good, the quilting is fine, the binding is perfect but trust me to screw up somewhere - I made such a boo-boo on the label.  Concentrating to write in my neatest handwriting I misspelled SPRINGTIME and it turned out to be SRINGTIME???  Then I wrote the incorrect year at the completion date!

My dad used to say that a truly great person is someone who can accept they've made a mistake, own up to it and live with it.... so the label stayed and I just made a couple of corrections.
This is the final product and it has already been used on my daughter's bed.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kaleidoscope Quilt started in January 2012 - Part 6

My quilt top completed with all the borders, it is time to start quilting.  I started with a basic pattern to serve as a type of stay stitching.

Then I plan to fill the empty spaces of the basic pattern with feathers but I have not decided what to do after that.  Quilting shows up better on the back of the quilt.

I guess the regular posting on this quilts' progress will stop for a couple of weeks (months??) until I finish the quilting.