Thursday, January 05, 2017

Mystery completed

And finally I have my Hillbilly Space Journey mystery tablerunner completed and what a feeling this time of the year.

I deferred somewhat (not totally) from the finishing tips shared by Tonya on her blog over HERE. I too kept the folded edges of my EPP project folded under and cut the batting right up to this folded edge of the top.

The backing however I left almost half an inch larger than the batting/top layer.  I then quilted the top keeping clear of about half inch from the edge.

This allowed me to fold the backing over the batting tucking it in under the top.  So I could simply use quick slip stitches to hold the edges together instead of tedious tiny ladder stitches to try and hide the batting from popping out. This worked really well.

In the end I simply stitched a straight stitch a quarter inch from the outer edge.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Being a Fly Baby again

I started this New Year with a bang and hope to keep it up.  For one I subscribed to the Fly Lady daily e-mails again.  Did this a couple of years ago, got my house to almost perfection but as time went by things slowly started to deteriorate as one gets distracted by other things.  The lovely part is that I still kept up so many of the good habits and when I read today’s mission – to clean the entrance to my house – I saw that this, once was a dumping ground for everyone’s keys, phones, shopping lists, unwanted mail and everything else was perfectly intact and whatever was in there should be there.

However the one habit that I let slide is to declutter for 15 minutes every day.  Initially I only did this in my sewing room but when you see how much unneeded stuff one accumulates you do come to the conclusion that the rest of the house must have the same and more of these.

Having a function at my house later this month also nudged me to take a good and serious look at our entertainment room and I got started in there.  Now as little as anyone likes cleaning one must agree there are few feelings as good as the one you get when you get to sit back with a cuppa realising you did a job well.  This is the first cupboard cleared of clutter and packed ready to entertain.

Well I do not only clean and keep breaking up my decluttering in 15 minute sections and I actually get some quilting/sewing done too. I spent New Year’s Day morning totally relaxed, starting to finish my mystery table runner and I am almost done.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Christmas done

And so this festive season came to an end but apart from being extremely hot, it all went well and I regard myself fortunate to have both my kids living in the same city and being able to have them all over for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Needless to say, overeating galore happens during this time.  I left it to the girls to decorate the table with only one request that it shouldn’t be red or green.  Red is just a way too hot colour for the weather we experience this time of the year.  I think they did well.

Dearest granddaughter however came over to stay earlier and still shows no signs of wanting to return home.  In fact, the moment her parents leave, she turns into a totally different person and wraps us around her little finger like crazy.  Swims with her Oupa, who obviously allows her to do things in the pool that would give her parents heart attacks and with total admiration, she’d come up from under the water, looks at Oupa with those angel eyes and say things like:  “Oupa you are so cool, no wait…. You are amazing.”  Now what more motivation does any granddad need?

Having her over and her extreme excitement over every single gift – she opens everybody’s for them – makes Christmas just so much more special.

However cleaning house and quilting will have to wait until this young lady decides to go home eventually.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Secret Circle project

For the last couple of weeks, this was all I did and I am finally done but still can’t show any photos before the end of January, as this is a surprise for someone special.

In fear of this person coming to my house and catching me working on the project I had to either do it early mornings (5 am) or late nights and should I dare to be brave enough to work a little during the day, I would have to take it out from under the machine, hide it in a cupboard whenever I got up for any short amount of time.  No fun working like that and my heart went out to all those crafters without a proper room to work in.  If I had to take stuff out and pack it away whenever done, I would never attempt anything.

My eyes have however not stopped wandering on what other quilters are doing and I saw so many interesting ideas that I’d like to give a try….. Graffiti quilts, gradient quilts (or then made with gradient fabric) and fidget quilts for people with Alzheimer’s.

My mom had Alzheimer’s and I remember she’d only read one magazine and the same one article day after day after day.  So I can imagine that a person with Alzheimer’s might find stimulation in unzipping a zipper or fastening a button over and over.  Something I would really like to do.

 I also downloaded a couple of free and paid for patterns but when I will ever get around to doing these, heaven only knows.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Enjoying our down time

Even though I still go in to the office daily, I don’t mind at all as all the other personnel is on their annual leave therefore I don’t have to open the shop for customers or answer the phone.  I just need to go in to update the little daily admin  and then I can return home.

This is the first year where DH and I are all alone at home when the kids do not come over to visit and strangely enough we’re not bored one bit.  Somehow you still find things you either need to or want to do and so I had a little more time to work on my mystery

While sitting outside trying to be somewhat cooler in the scorching heat I managed to finish the two opposite sides of this table runner which was the mystery I worked on.  Now I just need to add the centre piece.