Sunday, April 13, 2008

From the Heart of America

Teacher, designer, Iessie Steenberg made this quilt whilst living in the United States of America and when she returned home and started teaching quilting adapted this pattern to a applique pattern for us to make.

Worked on the as a BOM starting in June 2007 we would receive our last block pattern in May 2008 but having made several of Iessie's quilts and knowing her style, I've been able to finish this one month prior to receiving my last block pattern. Still keeping up with trying to complete a quilt (UFO) every month of this year BUT it might just become somewhat harder from now on as the previous quilts were all almost done.

Completed: 13 April 2008


Attended a scrappy quilt course presented by a South African teacher, Doortjie Gersbach, and, using only triangles made this quilt. The name of this quilt got a special meaning when I, somewhere along the line, got mixed up between my medium & dark fabrics and by the end of day 2 of the course, realized that I didn't have enough of the one value. Just to find out later that I've anyway been using the wrong value all along. First day at home, spent all evening unpicking and then trying to regroup fabrics into piles of light, medium & dark values.

However.... still completed the quilt exactly 9 days after finishing the course but I honestly don't think I will ever do something like this again. In any way, not attend a course to do this. I might somewhere in my old age realize that I have way too many scraps and start stitching these together to use it up but whether I will set out to make a deliberate scrap quilt.... don't think so!

Completed: 14 March 2008

Birthday quilt from Becca

Got this quilt from an internet pen pal whom I've never met for my birthday in July 2007. She completed the top until the first dark border and sent along extra border fabric. I then just added 2 more borders to make it the size of a double bed and did the quilting by trying my hand at using avalon - worked rather well.

Thanks so much Becca (Cummings from the USA). This was a HUGE and very welcome gift.

Completed: 24 February 2008