Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Siyadala (we create) – Port Elizabeth quilt festival

As I imagined going on this trip with Karin turned out to be every bit as much fun as all the other trips we’ve done.
Even though not beginner quilters anymore, we shopped as if it was the first time we’ve ever been to a festival.
I took a couple of EPP blocks along and worked in the car on our way there, in the hotel room at night and even on our way back again.
We stayed in a hotel one street away from the beach and if the traffic subsided we could hear the waves.
Way too much alcohol was consumed….. but by then we mostly were in our PJ’s in our room, so safe as can be.
And on the last day we even had time to stroll along the beach and see what the beachfront had to offer.
Thanks Karin for an amazing time and your hubby being so kind to take and fetch us again.

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