Saturday, July 16, 2016

Clam Shell completed

It seems our neighbourhood is plagued with water problems late mornings and early afternoons.  I don’t work with huge quantities of water every single day but this week I noticed the fact that we didn’t have water twice.  It can be rather frustrating especially when you’ve planned this amazing cleaning ritual while DH is out of town and then your bubble bursts.

So it was up early for me this morning to get the waterworks going and before 8 am I had most of my chores done.  What a feeling!

Joined my daughter later visiting the Free State Arts Festival and we shopped well, both ending up with sore shoulders due to the heavy bags we carried.

The rest of the day I spent hand stitching the binding onto the Clam Shell quilt.

I looked back on FB and saw that I started this quilt with BFF Karin de Villiers while visiting their house at the dam and the first freezer paper templates were cut on 24 January 2014.

I really only started the process because Karin wanted to and didn’t like it at all.  Mentioned this to anyone prepared to listen and when a co-worker heard me, she said she’ll be more than willing to take the quilt when done.

The longer I worked, the prettier it became but a promise is a promise and with the double bed sized quilt completed, I can hand over her gift on Monday.

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