Thursday, July 28, 2016

Block 6 – Dolores

I dropped my cell phone just as I entered the house yesterday afternoon.  An amazing feeling of ‘now no-on can bother me’ quickly turned into a less cool feeling knowing that I too can’t contact anyone and the worst part….. I don’t have the foggiest to what happens in my diary.  Some you hit, some you miss, I guess.

So MIL needed to go to physio today, she couldn’t get hold of me and phoned my daughter who too couldn’t get hold of me and after phoning DH (the only one informed about my phone simply because I know his number by heart) and he then told them about my little mishap.  Clever kid that my daughter is, she decided that mom without a phone is totally worthless and organised to fetch grandma and sort her physio…… something just makes me think I should not replace this phone??

With Block 6 I tried THIS TECHNIQUE by Tonya Owens but used Freezer paper instead of glue.  I think it worked great for fussy cutting and I didn’t need transparent templates or cut my paper shapes different than normal.

The biggest part of my afternoon was spent getting a new phone and even got a tablet included.  

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