Friday, July 01, 2016

The process of sandwiching

I had somewhat of a brain draining Friday with having to pay wages and being the end of a month (or then the first day of the beginning of the next month, equally awful).  Didn’t get to leave the office as early as usual and when I got home had to shop for some weekend cooking first.

Finally got to move my car out of the garage and set up my folding tables.  These gathered so much dust that a major cleaning operation had to take place first.

Realised I suddenly only had 5 of these tables and I used to have 6.  So somewhere along the line DH decided what’s mine, is ours and kidnapped it…. Will ask him about it this evening.

So with backing secured with bulldog clips and the batting layered on top (or as far as my tables stretched) I started the spray basting process and before long I had a quilt sandwich.  I am not doing too bad.

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  1. I am afraid to use the spray because I have allergies so bad. Glad it works for you. Chris