Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Funky Wildlife Baby quilt

Very proud of myself for the speed in which I finished the Funky Wildlife baby quilt, I started the binding today, just to find a huge chunk still not quilted!  The cold really causes me to suffer from brain freeze or something, so the last bit of quilting had to be done after the binding was sewn on. 

The very white pillowcase contrasted way too much and I tried to change this by adding a couple of wax crayon stripes and heat setting these but it didn’t make much of a difference.

Not being an artist I don’t want to add more and in the end make it worse, so DIL will just have to add more white elements to the cot…. Bumper rails, teddies or whatever tickles her fancy.

Decided to make this week my “be good to yourself” week and ordered home cooked meals to be delivered to my door every evening and last night we had white rice, creamy chicken a la king, spinach and a pasta salad.  Tonight’s’ Steakhouse basted pork chops, mash, gravy, green beans and coleslaw was equally as good.

For my birthday my son and DIL gave me a 30 minute foot massage and scrub voucher and I had an appointment at 3 pm this afternoon.  What an amazing Thai experience.  I never knew a foot massage included having your arms pulled behind your head, stretching your back out and even massaging pressure points in your neck and shoulders! Truly lovely, thanks kids.

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