Sunday, July 24, 2016

An early start to my Saturday

One thing I just don’t seem to like when sewing or quilting is satin stitching around an applique shape.  I do realise this is the safest way to applique especially for a baby or kids’ quilt but I just can’t get myself to enjoy this.

Making a new funky wildlife cot quilt for our second grandchild (to be born in January 2017) I just had to do this and even though I only had 6 shapes to applique it took me almost forever!

I don’t sleep well lately but it does have its advantages as I had the baby quilt under the quilting machine at 05:30 Saturday morning, with the dogs' dinner cooking in the pressure cooker and the second load of laundry going. 

Other than this I didn’t really do much.  Had a morning birthday tea, got home just in time to put the parrot to bed and then went to a local Art & Craft exhibition but sadly not worth the effort. This was a real disappointment to me.  This has been done a couple of years now and one would think it would keep growing but to me it seems to deteriorate. 

The rest of the evening I kept myself busy watching videos of Hillbilly Handiworks starting with THIS ONE and then just let the videos play one after the other as I struggled to keep my eyes open to focus on quilting.

Fearing that I would have another almost sleepless night I took some hand sewing and my bright light with magnifying glass along to bed and it helped...... I slept right through the night!

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