Saturday, July 30, 2016

Maureen completed

This is block number 7 from the “Katja Marek’s Quilt withme” project and the saying “practise makes perfect” has proven to be so valid.  I can actually see my blocks improve the more I make them.

On Friday I had the last of my treats for my “be good to yourself” week and went for a pedicure which was a birthday gift from DH.  With free Wi-Fi (not a given in Southern Africa) I could update all my apps on my brand new cellular phone while having my feet pampered.

Decided to give the tablet I got for free with my new cellular phone to dearest granddaughter, Lleia for use when visiting us.  So I went shopping for a ‘secure me from being dropped’ cover and afterwards wrecked my brain to find a vegetarian dish to prepare for dinner as my youngest planned to come over to visit tonight.  Decided on an asparagus quiche but simply stuff the filling in a red pepper and bake these (mine however will have smoked ham).  Then she couldn’t come because someone who had to work for her simply didn’t pitch and she had to go to work tonight.

However still had the big kids and our granddaughter over.

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