Thursday, July 07, 2016

Twisted Bargello Completed

Not too shabby, complete this almost 120” x 120” quilt in less than two months and it served its purpose as being busy with several hand projects, I needed something, I could start, see daily progress and finish quickly.

This quilt comes from a one block pattern by Maggie Ball from her book “Bargello Quilts with a Twist”.  This block just leans itself to so many possibilities and is one of a very few blocks that I might just make a second time.

DH returned yesterday afternoon and I made us a creamy oyster and tomato pasta for dinner and even pickled some fish for the weekend.

Didn’t do any other quilting as I had to take DH for X-rays on his foot and he was not impressed with the verdict our daughter (she took the X-ray) delivered via What’s App “just bruising of the soft tissue, it only looks that bad because the foot is already 60 years old.”  For once his dearly beloved daughter was not very popular.  It seems men have an issue with age as well!

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