Tuesday, July 05, 2016

An evening off

DH landed a rather big contract out of town and for the rest of this year will have to travel frequently, not sleeping at home for a night or so.  Today is the very first of his travels which meant I have yet another evening off of cooking.

I made the absolute most of the extra couple of hours.  Went wedding planning with my baby, feeling so much more relaxed knowing we have a pro taking care of most of the nitty gritty.  Got home and updated all the laundry, finished quilting my machine project, took the dogs for a walk, shared my left-over lamb’s head with them for dinner.

I joined binding strips and stitched one side of the binding to the quilt.  Now I am off to bed and taking the quilt with me to do at least a part of the hand stitching of the binding while snugly covered against the winter cold.  Needless to say, as usual I quilted while fighting the weight of a cat…..this time, black beauty our dear,  Sasky.

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