Sunday, July 03, 2016

Weekend activities

Saturday turned out bitterly cold in sunny central South Africa and with having the older kids kindly asking if they could visit the evening and then just as an afterthought mentioned that they’d appreciate dinner, I started the planning and prepping process early morning.

While having to face my extremely cold kitchen I thought to do as much as I can while having to be there.  Soon I had almost every electrical appliance including washing machine and tumble dryer going making the room much warmer.

My stove-top beef, bacon and beer pot turned out rather nice and even the parrot, Meeko appreciated her share.

I was clever enough to invite the younger couple too ensuring that I don’t have to cook two big meals over the weekend.  So very little quilting done especially after our granddaughter decided she’s not going home with her parents and stayed the night.

With the little one sleeping rather late on Sunday morning (a first for us; I even checked her breathing several times!) I cleaned my Grand Quilter, replaced the needle, oiled and threaded it, ready for action.

The quilt is massive and I knew I had a mammoth task ahead but one has to start somewhere.

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