Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Block 5 (Caroline) done

People who think they know us will tell you that I am the tantrum thrower and DH the calm, cool and collective one which mostly is true but with a little twist.  When DH reaches breaking point he’ll gladly applaud and appreciate my tantrum throwing as long as I get his point across and I do the dirty work.  Well guess what, I will gladly oblige.

So last night, DH knowing that he’ll be leaving early  this morning spilled the beans about any and every unhappiness he has with staff and office situations and I better sort the crap out before he returns.

So I started this freezing cold Wednesday early.  Been at the office at 06:30 as I am somewhat of a routine freak needing to do certain tasks in a set routine and I wanted to get these out of the way before turning into the wicked witch of central South Africa.  When DH left at 4 am I was up and about typing notes on what to say to which staff member.  So a couple of very disillusioned members in our business today but I think they got my drift.

Still part of my “be good to yourself” week, I had yet another treat to a facial this afternoon and yes, another BD gift from a friend.

Furthermore I am really having so much fun with these “quiltlets “ and having that weekly ‘I have accomplished something’ feeling.

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