Monday, July 04, 2016

And then I got side-tracked

I truly hate it when I start something new while having enough to keep me occupied for years on end but I do believe I am not the only one with this disorder (it can’t be normal now, can it?).

BFF Karin came over and showed me 2 books she purchased on Millefiore Quilts.  At first glance I told her that it “just was not me”…… famous last words?  The “millefiore” word appeared all the more in the blogs I follow, the quilting friends I have on FB and in general Google searches and the one day, someone, somewhere mentioned the name Katja Marek.

Now the amazing part is that I can’t remember the name of our biggest supplier, our best client and I even occasionally have to think about the names of our neighbours but hell…. Trust me to remember a name like Katja Marek!

So I Googled her and voila, the more I read, the more the ideas grew and soon I joined a FB group called Katja Marek’s ‘Quilt with me’.  Now TRUE participants make a block a week but I guess I’ll simply just be a participant…… not making a block EVERY week.

Another disorder I struggle with is starting something, not really reading through all the instructions and not really paying attention to the fine print, so obviously I made Block number 2 first.

Tonight I am having date night with DH and he is treating me to my all-time favourite “skaapkop” (translated head of a sheep).  I know it might sound freaky to some but hell with all my quilting disorders; I might just have some others can’t I?  The photo here was when I taught future son-in-law about the amazing food in life.

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