Thursday, July 14, 2016

Been busy

The auditors decided I am bored enough for them to start doing our 2016 financial statements and needs 101 documents with information.  Digging through the archives, I am…..

Then MIL had to be taken to the doctor complaining about a sore arm.  Turned out to be a torn ligament and physio will start on 28 July.  Until then she’ll be on painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication.  I suspect she’s part of the secret basketball team at the old age home (how else can an 85 year old tear a ligament?)

I went for a mammogram today and this should serve as a friendly reminder to all my fellow quilters and lady friends….. Seriously, you NEED to do this annually.

I did however buy the batting and backing for my Clam shell quilt and started that with the two cats eagerly taking turns to monitor my progress.

Venison pie, pumpkin fritters with caramel sauce and a Greek salad for DH on the menu tonight as he will be out of town again from tomorrow…. Which means, no more cooking until next week or maybe Sunday?

And by the time DH came home at 19:45 I had the Clam Shell quilted!

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