Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another weekend without DH

DH left Friday around lunch time and won’t be back until Sunday (after a game of golf I should add for those who would think they should feel too sorry for this hard working man).  Now with me being alone on a weekend it is my license to disinfect the kitchen counters and keep them in that pristine condition for the whole weekend.  I know the only dirty dish in this house would be my wine glass.
That done I did all the chores and awful trips and then went fabric and batting shopping, walked the dogs, locked myself in the house and retreated to my sewing room to start another amazing weekend of play and productivity.

Pretty soon I had a neat old mess and very little of the fabric on the table will actually be used for the projects I am working on now.  These are my future plans waiting to form shape in my head!

And all in a day’s ‘work but being not completed I can only show the back of the projects that happened yesterday.

As if I don’t have enough plans running around in this little head I downloaded even more hexagon patterns form The Hillbilly QuiltShop but missed out on one pattern and contacted the shop via FB.  What an amazing experience.  Soon had the owner Tonya Owens message me and we chatted until 10 pm last night.  I really need service like that over here in darkest Africa and someone as motivational as Tonya in my life.  What an amazing person, going through really bad times and simply never giving up.  Read all about Tonya on her blog over HERE.

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