Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Trapped a fellow quilter

In my post over HERE I mention having quilting friend Sonja over and us discussing Katja Marek’s Quilt with me and I wondered if Sonja would take the bait seeing that at that stage she was happily working on a hexagon EPP project.

Yesterday I got a FB notification which said Sonja mentioned me in a post.  Voila, Sonja joined THE GROUP and wanted to know more about fabrics, noting that I introduced her to this project.

I just adore a fellow quilter prepared to tackle a project with me.  So much more fun not doing something totally alone having to rely only on your own resources.  So I send Sonja a What’s App and soon we were exchanging fabric choices, sizes, template ideas and we have our first get together tomorrow afternoon.

We just need to support our political party in voting in our National Elections first.

My afternoon was spent printing our blocks needed for Rosette 1 onto freezer paper and I still need to find out whether Sonja would like this or not.  I’ve been a freezer paper fan from day one, I guess simply because it is not freely available in South Africa (trust me to want something I can’t have) but I do realise not everyone likes this.

Then just with a little twist I will not be making a Millefiori but instead go for a Milllegatti.  Nope, I am not that clever but got the word from an Italian FB friend.  Let’s just hope this brainwave of mine will be worth looking at!

Not being a working day tomorrow we decided to have dinner with friend Karin and her hubby as even though our men seem to have frequent contact, I haven’t seen Karin in ages.  As usual any moment with Karin just turns into the best ever.  Love you to bits my dear.

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