Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Block 9 done and the start of a new adventure

After dinner yesterday evening we fetched granddaughter to spend the night with us.  Sleeping over at the old folks’ house is surely the highlight of her week.  When I worked on Block 9 of the Katja Marek’ Quilt with me project, she wanted to help.  Poor batted thread catcher had to stand in for this purpose but look at the concentration on the face.

Won’t say it to her face but Doris (block 9) looked much better than her end result.

Went voting in our municipal elections and stood in the freezing cold for a full 50 minutes but I did my part to ensure that I can complain if things doesn’t work.

Fellow quilter Sonja came over in the afternoon and we officially started our Millefiore Quilt Along.  Wouldn’t say we accomplished any finishes but we had major discussions on fabric choices and stared at completed rosettes on the FB page to try and figure out what we should achieve in every row.

Obviously no quilting get-together would be complete without snacks and wine.

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