Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rosette 1 –two rounds

Quilting friend, Sonja and I decided to take on this little project and I for one, didn’t have the foggiest to what I got myself in to.  I read the comments by the other participants in which they said, you don’t decide how this quilt will look, the quilt decides for you but nah…. I thought I knew better, mine would be planned and perfect…. Famous last words.

I had plenty of cat fabric and with my son and DIL in mind (cat people) I wanted to use these in the quilt.  Little did I know that my first cat kaleidoscope would turn out to form my least favourite colours and I had to build the rest of the Millefiore on that! Got to round two of my first rosette and hit a total blank.  Dreamt about the quilt, woke up at 4 am to sit and stare at fabric but nothing happened.

Took major time out and focused on something else but this was it initially looked like after 2 rounds.  One of the participants even said I should start with another rosette as number 1 is the hardest…… now they tell me!

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