Friday, August 12, 2016

Screwed up Friday

I wanted a word starting with F to match Friday as my post title but I think what I thought about would not be appropriate on blogger.

Changed auditors earlier this year as I suspected our previous auditor took shortcuts that might work against us.  Paying more now but it seems I was right all along.  It however meant an annoying meeting with the auditors and a gentleman from the company Labour.Net (a company desperately trying to protect and rescue business owners against the ridiculous claims and labour laws by our equally ridiculous government, with a president that didn’t even finish high school).  This all happened at 1 pm this afternoon.  Now statistics have shown that most people concentrate the least between 12 and 2 and I definitely fall in that category. 

So when we were finally done, with heaps of changes to be implemented and contracts to be drawn up and signed, I got home and poured myself a massive glass of wine, too bewildered to think of or do anything positive. (I was on glass 3 by the time of this post but who counts?)

At least while waiting for the gents to arrive, having some spare time at the office (work for the day done) I got to cut out 120 tiny triangles for a project I’ll post about a little later.
Quilting friend,Sonja, also went fabric shopping in Pretoria and bought me these colourful beauties.  Not sure where and when I will use it but who ever needed a project to acquire more fabric?

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