Sunday, August 07, 2016

Weekend chatter and block 10 done

I do not have much to show on the quilting front for this weekend.  Maybe because everything is EPP and it goes much slower than machine piecing but I still kept rather busy.

The big kids treated us to a Cheese fondue, something my son experienced while being an exchange student in Switzerland.  This was not future son-on-law’s idea of a joke as no meat was served with the cheese.  He was not a very happy chappie being faced with every possible vegetable known to man but he struggled through it for the sake of future family!

I cooked and deboned a massive chicken a while ago and decided to take this out of the freezer to process into proper meals and when I started I again realised just how big this bird was.  DIL bought it through a farmer friend.  From this one chicken I made us a large pot of chicken and sweetcorn soup.

No less than 3 chicken pies, supper sized for the two of us

 And a chicken pasta dish with rosemary and red onion sauce. Not too shabby for one slaughtered feathered friend.

 Here is Kelly, block 10 and I am rather chuffed with the effect the border gives.

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