Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Block 11 done

Being somewhat of a routine freak the fact that we had a public holiday (National Women’s Day) on a Tuesday was not the best news I’ve had lately.  I mean get yourself going on a Monday, just to lay off a day and then start all over again with Monday on a Wednesday?

It however was such a lovely relaxing day, made breakfast for DH and I and even the two female dogs got omelettes for Women’s Day.  With nothing planned for the rest of the day I got stuck in my sewing room and I think made good progress until granddaughter informed us that she’s coming over seeing that it wasn’t school.  Grandpa however had gardening plans and they (mom and dad came along) hardly arrived or Grandpa and –daughter disappeared to the nursery.  So even with the big kids here, I could continue doing EPP.

Lunch was rye bread with leftover chicken soup and after the kids left I had the best afternoon snooze with the parrot.  Recharged totally or maybe simply stuffed with eating too much.

Not as if I am done yet, dinner is already being warmed in the oven but proud to say Susan, block 11 got finished too.

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