Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New fabric

DH went on a business trip to a nearby city and on Saturday I heard a newbie quilter mentioned a shop in this city selling quilt fabric for cheap, cheap.  So needless to say, the man went to do his business with very clear instructions on what to shop for where.

Did my own bit of expensive shopping locally when I got a call from my youngest.  “Where are you?” 

ME: “Shopping for fabric”.
YOUNGEST:  “Thought it was your car”. 
ME:  “Where are you?
YOUNGEST: “Across the street from you”
ME:  “Eating Blue Cheese Focaccia?”   (Her favourite)
YOUNGEST: “No waiting for my full body massage appointment but do you feel like having one?”

And then we ended up eating focaccia and drinking wine until it was time for her treatment and later DH returned home with all these lovelies at no more than R69 per meter.  May not be the most eye catching fabric but can surely be used as fillers.

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