Monday, August 15, 2016

Starch basting

When I do EPP I use freezer paper and starch to baste around the templates.  Even though freezer paper is almost impossible to find in South Africa I’ve started using this as a newbie quilter and it is still my preferred method of basting.  I know it is not fully portable and cutting out the templates does take up time (I do this while watching TV and don’t even notice it anymore) but it is fast and I have crisp edges to my templates.

My freezer paper templates would be ironed to the wrong side of the fabric and roughly cut out.  I never measure an exact quarter inch as I really cannot see the need.

I mix my own starch using a teaspoon of starch powder in 2 cups of water and a spray bottle.  The templates would be lightly spritzed with the starch and I will iron the edges over the paper.  The paper also removes easily when done.

As much as I do enjoy this method prolonged use of starch does lead to build-up on your iron and ironing board and now and then I have to give these a thorough cleaning.

The iron is simply put in hot soapy water on a facecloth sprayed with all-purpose cleaner and left to soak itself clean.

The ironing board is sprayed with cleaner and then brushed several times with a stiff kitchen brush and wiped a couple of times afterwards.

Clean as a whistle and no need to buy a new cover yet.

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