Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vegetarian cooking

Had the young kids over for dinner and it was the first time since my daughter turned vegetarian that I had to cook keeping her restrictions in mind.  I guess not that big an issue apart from twice that many dishes to clean. 

The baked potatoes with sour cream was no biggie nor was the sweet potatoes with orange juice and chillies but then I got to the sauerkraut and I always put finely chopped smoked ham in ours – two dishes, two spoons. Pork chops in a coffee sauce the second obstacle, first do the vegetarian patties and after removing these from the pan, then I could add the pork.  Fry onions, o dear…. Second obstacle, can’t use the same pan, new pan, different spoon. A load of dishes in the end.

In between cooking and dining I did however manage to starch baste 162 1½” diamonds for a future project.

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