Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another distraction

In my post over HERE I mentioned a new mystery starting in August and yes I am doing that too.  I didn’t order the fabric from Tonya as it would take 6 weeks to get to me and by then the mystery would not be a mystery anymore.  So I had to do with what I could find locally.

Took MIL for physio, got home from work, did the household chores and then I started cutting my shapes.  I love doing anything that requires of me to be in the sewing room only while DH is still at the office.  This way when he gets home, I can do the hand sewing while sitting by him in the TV room. Tonight however DH is out on a gents' night and I don't have to feel guilty at all!  I also got myself a neat floor standing magnifying light for my hand sewing.

Far from done cutting and spray starch basting but I did make good progress.

This is what was left of the poor fabric after selecting areas for the fussy cutting

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