Monday, April 30, 2012

Everybody keeping busy

The rest of the weekend we kept rather busy.  The mister got one of his workers to help him build cupboards in the garage.  These were salvaged form an old building site and after the builder delivered the planks to us they've been sitting in the garage against the wall for almost 3 years.

Without going on any guilt trips I could therefore retreat to my own little space with all my assistants with me.  They don't get paid so they don't help much but at least I can never complain about being lonely when I sew.

Here Ash is rather upset because Meeko (parrot) claimed his favorite spot on the ironing board.

The men made good progress and after the first day, this was already in place.


  1. Goodness they look like nice cabinets. I could see lots of things stored in them. Even fabric. I am sure they won't hold fabric though. LOL Chris

  2. Hi Hettie,

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