Sunday, April 22, 2012

No quilting on Saturday

After catching up on some lost sleep during an afternoon nap I looked forward to start sewing in my new space however DH and 'his' friends had other plans.  I was simply informed that Karin's revamped space and his new tables were incompatible and things needed to be changed.  DH wanted to help Karin's DH and I had to go along.

Ha! Did I enjoy seeing this mess when we arrived, especially after her snotty remarks about my space in my previous post.

Just for the hell of it I also took out a couple of pins holding her blocks to make it even messier.

However the men had a plan of action and pretty soon things were looking up again.

All the lady of the house did was taking photos.

All is however not done as Karin has more orders - another table, new cupboards, a flat screen TV..... her poor husband!

We stayed for Karin's husbands' famous cooking and a couple of drinks and when we got home I went straight to bed.


  1. Once you start on remodel it never ends. Nice to have friends RIGHT???? LOL Chris

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