Friday, April 20, 2012

Preparation Day

I don't believe I am going to get any quilting done during the day.  However I am preparing for an all night quilting session by friend Karin's house tonight.  We just have to inaugurate Karin's new sewing space.  It is still the same room but this lucky lady got new laminated flooring, a fresh layer of paint, reorganized her space and a couple of new cupboards too.  Now if she's anything like me, she won't be able to find half her stuff after rearranging!

I've decided to take my least favorite UFO along to see if I cannot make any progress.  Least favorite because it is all done using foundation piecing - my least favorite technique.

So with the mister playing golf (read I don't have to cook) I tidied the house, got the washing machine going and now I have the rest of the day to print, cut and mark my foundation pieces.

When I say 'mark my pieces' I simply use a colored pencil to mark which color should go where.  When quilting through the night one becomes extremely tired round about 3 am.  This lasts for roughly an hour before you get your second breath but this hour (giggling hour as I think of it - you giggle about the most ridiculous things) is the one in which I am most probable to make stupid mistakes.  So having my colors marked on the foundation hopefully will help me survive giggling hour without any mishaps.

I am still seeking a way in which one would waste the least amount of fabric when foundation piecing.  For tonight I'll measure the width and length of the largest wedge on the foundation sheet, add an inch both ways, cut strips and see how it works for me.  Any better suggestions would be appreciated.

The top 18 blocks surely took me 4 years (if not longer) to make but don't dare call me negative as I've printed and prepared 18 more blocks for ONE night!

With my strips cut it was time to hit the shower and get myself as prepared as I have my quilting.  My cellular phone mysteriously set itself to "emergency calls only" and it was only when DH phoned the house to ask why I don't answer that I realized and understood why it was so dead silent and me not noticing where time went.

Okay I'm about as ready as can come, bobbins wound, machine oiled and preparation done.  If I don't make any decent progress tonight, I never will.

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  1. Have fun. Looks like you are ready for the new sewing space. Chris