Saturday, April 21, 2012

Twisted Log Cabin progress

I left my house at 6 pm yesterday to go to Karin's and I LOVED her revamped room.  Just look at this neat space and here I've already moved in and moved things (the ironing board) around to where I felt I would be most productive.

Okay so maybe productivity had very little to do with me moving the ironing board closer.  With a cover like this, wouldn't you want it closer as well?  The fun part starts when heat touches that little towel and it disappears!  I could iron all night long.

Then friend Marie arrived initially helping Karin with goody bag projects until I ironed ans she saw the towel disappear; then I had my hands full keeping her out of my space.  This photo doesn't show it clearly but here she was blushing badly when she realized I had the camera on her as she too took before and after photos.

With Marie helping Karin she took way too many breaks and I wonder who taught her to put her feet up a table.

I finished 10 more blocks and I am really chuffed with myself.  With 25 pieces per block I think I did loads.

I left Karin's house at 4:40 am and were amazed at all the joggers (groups, couples and individuals) I found that time of the morning.  I could only come to one conclusion - we must have an amazing bed and mattress for there is no way you'll convince me to be out of bed and jogging at that hour or as Karin (not a morning person at all) would say "in the middle of the night!"

(PS:  Andre thanks for the lovely very expensive Lindt chocolate and ice cream pancakes and Ida if you read this, we talked about you last night.)


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Mooi, so! Nog net 8 en dan is daardie hele klomp klaar en dan kan jy met die ander modelle begin. Wilna

  2. I seriously need that board cover!!!! Love it!