Sunday, April 29, 2012

Testing my quilting machine in its new position

I had a rather productive Thursday and finished 8 more blocks for the Twisted Log Cabin quilt.  The outer top row done in other words.

The house was respectable when the mister came from work and I had a huge pot of soup with fresh Portuguese rolls ready for supper.

Before I took Meeko (the African Grey parrot) to bed for her afternoon nap (which I tend to enjoy more than her lately) I cleaned and oiled my PFAFF Grand Quilter as I've never used it since it has been embedded in the new tailor made table.

I have a small project that I wanted to start and what better time than the present (she says with a list of 21 UFO's already).  No actual quilting but straight stitching around applique with heaps of little curves and I figured it would be much better to do this with a free motion foot than having to turn the quilt top constantly.  Worked like magic with the top being able to smoothly slide over the surface without me having to clutch for dear life to prevent any part from falling off the table.

I am not showing any photos yet.  It is not a chapter in this story.  I will start a fresh new story for this hopefully soon (or then definitely in a couple of years).

I have also read all the blogs I follow and if I can managed to keep this up and get to read all the e-mails in my Inbox I might just feel a little better about myself come next week.

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  1. How do you like the Pfaff Grand Quilter? Looking at different machines lately. Not sure what direction to go in.