Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter project

Thursday before Easter I was so tired that I actually believed I wouldn't touch any quilting the weekend and for once in a very long time, my cutting table was totally clean except for a couple of bird seeds after we found this little one in the Mall right in front of Pick 'n Pays' doors.

However after taking most of the morning and afternoon off my addictive cravings returned and before we left to celebrate Karin's husbands' birthday the evening, I had my strips for my new project cut.

Waking up in a productive mood was somewhat hard on Friday.  I guess the Bubblegum Tequila from the previous evening had something to do with it.  With that and my brand new toy, a Samsung Galaxy Note phone I didn't get much done.

The big kids came over to guide me through the process of using the phone but for the first time, after upgrading, I actually understand a phone from day one.  I suppose because this little baby is more like a computer than a phone.

When the kids left I managed to stitch my strata and iron these ready for use.

While DH and the gardener got the outside in order I spent most of Saturday seriously stitching and I know I said it many times before I truly dislike foundation piecing.  This took the longest but I could see something happening on my design wall and I'm chuffed.

Not much to see on this photo but I'd rather show the project once completed.

The mister drove all the way to meet Karin's husband at their cabin by the dam on Sunday for their golf date.  With me home alone and having the house to myself I thought it good to leisurely start with some of Monday's household chores.  With Monday still a public holiday, the blonde and the mister at home, I reckoned it would be more rewarding to clean house and have it stay clean for a while unlike days with them around and it feels as if you simply can't win.

Unfortunately even with my house impeccable I didn't do as much sewing as I hoped for on Monday, therefore no completed project.  The units are all done and once trimmed I can start piecing it all together.

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