Saturday, April 28, 2012

A sore butt and a happy me

I decided to start my long weekend a day earlier (Thursday).  Being mom and housewife I anyway have to cook and clean no matter what's being celebrated, so taking an extra day is well deserved I figured.

The only difference in my day when I take a so called public holiday is that I start doing my own thing first and in between I'll tend to the housework.  On ordinary days it would be housework first and only when done can I do my own thing.

The day started out raining and wet and I couldn't help smiling.  The Bloem Show (annual event) used to be end April but because it coincides with our rainy season the organizers moved it to end May and guess what......  it rains!!  Fortunately I had no plans of visiting the show on the first day.

It therefore didn't bother me in the least.  I was quite content in my new sewing space or female cave as I refer to it to the dismay of my family but if men can have 'man caves' why can't I have a woman cave?

My latest setup is perfect, I sew, swivel my chair slightly to the right to press, swivel slightly more to cut and pin, swivel back and start again - never getting up at all.  I have to admit at the end of the day I suffer from a rather sore butt but not having to get up to iron or cut makes me move along so much faster.

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