Sunday, April 22, 2012

My new tables

Couldn't quite sleep as long as I hoped for on Saturday morning after quilting through the night but what kept me up was well worth it.  I was actually awoken by the blue parrot screaming (nothing wrong, her usual attention seeking act making her the one pet I hardly ever talk about).  So tired and upset with the stupid bird I got up (07:30 - only went to bed at 05:00) made coffee and realized I was home alone.  The blonde worked this weekend and I just finished my coffee when DH returned.  He went to the office to fetch the new sewing tables he started for me to finish these at home.

Before the new tables I used 2 standard size metal army tables (this is how we refer to these in South Africa).  I love the size as one represents the top of a single bed and 2 pushed against each other is the actual size of the top of a double bed.  So my tables serve as measuring devices when I start piecing quilt tops.

I however wished for a table with a hole big enough to have my quilting machine sunken to have a flush quilting surface and started looking for images on Google and showed these to DH.  He got the message and soon started making me one.  While busy he wondered whether he shouldn't make Karin one as well.  She has the exact same machine for quilting and knowing the 2 of us I think he knew once I had one, the nagging from her side would follow.  So I phoned dear Karin and this is how the conversation went:  "My DH s making me a table for quilting... (before I could continue, she interrupted with) "well tell him to make two".  So order given DH knew what to do.

The rest of the early morning was spent with DH calling me to the garage to "see this, look at that, try it this way and what do you think of that" until we could finally remove the old metal tables and move in my new tables; changing my setup for the better.

This photo is the space seen from the door as you enter the room.

The second photo shows my new quilting corner.  Flush with the new white table to the left is my Grand Quilter.  The little table to the left of that (right in the front with the fabric strips on it) will serve as a weight carrier when quilting large quilts.  Then in the corner I have 2 sewing machines and an overlocker pushed to the back (hardly ever uses this), a small ironing board and my iron.  What more could I ask for?

I was just still too tired to start working and decided to try to take another nap while DH started on Karin's tables but again the stupid blue parrot made such a noise that I weren't too successful.  I was really not the friendliest person by then.

I e-mailed Karin these two photos to show off my space and remember how I complimented her space in my previous post?  Well, don't for a minute think I got the same compliments back.  She phoned me and for a moment there I thought I confused her with my mother (not that my dear mom was ever this bossy) but the conversation went something like this:  "No sis man, remove those papers from your cupboards, straighten out your pinning board, line everything up, close your cupboard doors, have everything flush and neat like mine."  I mean really with a friend like this, who needs an enemy?

When I however realized DH left to take her tables and knowing my husband's organizing skills I knew dear Karin was in for a huge surprise.  Finally when the time came for me to put the grey parrot to bed, again home alone, I thought this would be my chance to get in a good bit of sleep, hoping to get some quilting done in my new space later the evening.

Remember one of my favorite sayings "life happens while you're making other plans"?  No quilting done the evening as it turned out totally unplanned.


  1. They look great. I think you will be happy with them. I wish I had more space for this type of set up. By the way your room looks great. Chris

  2. Like your blog, Hettie. You do realise that you Vrystaaters are leading the pack when it comes to S.A. quilting blogs.