Monday, April 02, 2012

Giving up temporarily

Last week Tuesday I had to rearrange my sewing space (again!) to accommodate this huge quilt measuring 2, 5 meters square.

Friend Karin suggested I echo quilt and I obviously listened.  Worked a little every day hoping to finish the weekend but gosh did I have a hard time with this one?  As usual I had the weight of the kittens to take into consideration but it is not as if I am not used to this by now.

I encountered every problem in the book with thread shredding being the most prominent.  I could stitch towards me, to the left or the right but there was just no way I could stitch away from me without the thread snapping.

Frustrated and wanting to finish I decided to then work around it and start at the top every single row - not much fun either and as the weekend progressed I realized that my time was running out and I would not have this done before the end of the weekend.

With my setup rearranged I couldn't get to my high-pressure steam iron leaving the laundry piling up in one guest room, not good for the moral either.

So I decided Sunday was the deadline anyway, so off with the undone quilt and what would I see on the back?  Folds and puckers in the backing fabric.  Now for all I care this can just stay there.  There is no way I am unpicking to fix these.

Until I've done something else (hopefully with more success) to boost my spirit this dear quilt will now have to patiently wait on another spare bedrooms' bed to be completed.

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