Thursday, April 19, 2012

Play blanket for Marlene's grandbabies

Our local PFAFF used this butterfly print at a show to demonstrate their quilt frame and when dealer, Marie, decided to clean house and get rid of it, saleslady, Marlene, decided 'waste not, want not' and claimed it for herself.

Marlene recently became grandmother of twin girls but the story had somewhat of a twist in that the doctor wanted to abort the smaller of the two to give the bigger one a better chance.  Luckily the parents decided against it and both little girls were born just fine with the little one turning out to be the healthier one.  As we speak the bigger of the two is back in hospital.

Marlene asked me to continue the all over meandering from where everyone else who attended the show, could give the frame a test.  I didn't quite like the idea and tried to unpick but some of those stitches were so tiny they were literally embedded in the fabric.  I decided to cut the already quilted piece off, added a funky border and start quilting from scratch.

There this looks much more like a play blanket than the 'fugly' piece of fabric I had to start with.  Now just to get Marlene's opinion.

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  1. I like the border, it gives it a completely different look! Love it!