Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Long weekend achievements

The men did a heck of a lot in just 2 days and the cupboards in the garage got this far before they stopped.

I finished all the blocks in the Twisted Log Cabin quilt but for some reason never removed the paper way back when I started the quilt.  Turned out a good thing as with all my computer upgrades I misplaced the original planning file.  The foundation papers were however numbered which helped to jolt my memory.

Stitching the blocks together with the paper still attached was no easy task but I have the new lovely tables and I just took the Grand Quilter from its place, replaced it with another machine to allow this paper stiff quilt to glide along as I sew.

Now however I have the tedious task of removing all these foundation papers.  Yikes!!

1 comment:

  1. I can see you filling those cabinets in no time. I have open shelves and would love closed ones. Do they have shelves in them or all open? Enjoy all the ripping of papers. Chris