Monday, May 21, 2012

DJ second group of yellowish blocks

My sister and I last week had to make the awful decision to put my mom (84) in a frail care facility.  Somehow we believed that between the 2 of us we'd be able to take care of her during her last days.  With her dementia deteriorating, loss of control over her bodily functions but still having a rather strong will of her own we realized that somewhere something is going to give.  So last week has been one of lengthy phone conversations between 4 children trying to reach some agreement and once at least 3 agreed the digging for the necessary paperwork started.  I found papers dating 1945 amongst my mom's stuff!!  And then in the end my soft hearted sister just couldn't do it and decided to give taking care of mom just one more try.

My hands were however not idle when I did get the odd break and after finishing the Twisted Log Cabin UFO, I dug up another in the form of Dear Jane.  Knowing that the French Open tennis will start on 27 May, I realized I needed hand work rather fast and this UFO is just that.

I do my Dear Jane in a TATW fashion and luckily marked every color sequence as a separate UFO otherwise it might just be too overwhelming.  So next up was the second yellowish set of 20 blocks.  I tried to do most using foundation piecing but anyone who already did this will realize some of these blocks simply cannot be done by machine alone.

With the blocks done I then quilt by hand before trimming them back to size and use the QAYG method to add the new blocks to the previous ones.  This quilting will be my hand work during the French Open. Tennis.

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