Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hand work prepared

We went to see a comedy at our local theater on Friday evening and you have to agree friend Karin cleans up really nicely if the occasion calls for it.

When we got home at 11 pm I had to start cooking corn as bait for our men's fishing trip the weekend and this kept me up until 02:30 while the mister slept like a baby to be ready for action the next day.  Does it now make sense why I get so excited when he does his own thing and leave me alone some days?

The men barely left Saturday morning or I shot out of bed like a bullet from a pistol and started joining binding strips for my Twisted Log Cabin.  Yip, the free motion quilting is done and my Grand Quilter is visiting the Machine Spa for the week to get rejuvenated.

The binding was sewn to one side but I am leaving the other side to be done by hand until a time that I am forced to sit in one spot.  I find it hard to sit still for very long but occasionally it is simply polite to sit with the family.  These times a little hand work always comes in handy.

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