Saturday, May 05, 2012

I have proof!!

In the city where I live, right in the center of South Africa, no matter to which fabric, sewing or quilting shop you go, they sell only ONE brand of cutting boards.  Now for the first time in my life I wish someone would phone and contradict me.

So ever since I did a formal quilting class I had one of these (before then I used scissors).

During a PFAFF sew-away I bought another cutting board and at that stage I didn't even realize it was a different brand.  All I noticed was the difference in color.

Since then (2010) I occasionally felt that whenever I cut on the old (green) board I would go through cutting blades like crazy but when I used the newer white board my blades seemed to last longer.  I however didn't quite have proof as I use both equally.

While stitching the Twisted Log Cabin blocks I had a green cutting board nearest to me and then I got the proof. I had to sharpen or change the blade after every 2 blocks.  Each block has 25 pieces, so plenty of cutting per block.  When sharpening the blades became a chore I changed cutting mats, changed the blade and there with the white cutting board I cut the last 12 blocks with the same blade and it was still good for more cutting.

So newest mission....  find another brand of cutting board for my white one will unfortunately not last forever.

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  1. I have one of those sharpeners. I found that you have to sharpen sooner rather than too late or it doesn't do much. It can keep it sharp, but doesn't bring a dull blade back. So use it more often. I forget, and then get mad at myself.