Sunday, March 14, 2010

PFAFF sew-away Yzerfontein

On Saturday, 6 March, quilting friend Karin and I left for a week long sew-away to Yzerfontein, a coastal town, some 10 hours’ drive away, organized by PFAFF. We met up with the rest of the ladies from Bloemfontein (our hometown) halfway in a town, called Beaufort-West. Did some gambling, I am never successful with this, had a great dinner, slept well before we set off for the second stretch of the way. Needless to say, the fun already started in the car as we borrowed hubby’s car for the trip and we had a hard time keeping track of which buttons to press when.

Our hostess treated us with seafood meals all week long but the PFAFF organizers, as usual had very little sympathy for us and our late nights, and kept us busy with way too little breaks in between. As with all these sew-aways, even if they are not totally quilting orientated, we have so much fun and need a couple of days for recovering afterwards.

The fun however is over and tomorrow it is back to reality.


  1. I got tired just reading your blog today...mainly because I have been away and I wanted to catch up on what others are doing. Love your kitchen [along with your comments] I would say that I am your twin sister in mind. The PFAFF sew-away sounds like fun. I was at a free motion quilting class on Friday and definitely the brain goes into overdrive. I really enjoy your blog. Happy Quilting

  2. Thanks Vicky, sent you a mail a while ago on your e-mail address. Take care