Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Preparing for next week with the girls

I’ve been working on these oversized hexagons since………….. forever. For once I’m extremely grateful for my bad memory as, remembering the date I started this, would have put me on a terrible guilt trip, which I really don’t need today. Being a huge fan of freezer paper (very rare & expensive in South Africa – so all foreigners and South Africans travelling abroad; for my birthday, mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, Easter, Youth Day, etc… I would like freezer paper as a gift, thanks!!) I make my templates using these.

At first I tried to print the Hexagon templates found free on the internet (in any size you want) onto the freezer paper directly but my printer doesn’t take kindly to this waxy paper, so I made one template and traced around this on freezer paper and cut it out.

Then the paper gets pressed onto the wrong side of the fabric and I roughly cut a quarter inch seam allowance around the template on fabric. No pins, no pain and I can carry meters of fabric done this way most anywhere to cut.

I needed something for any leisure time I might have next week when I am going away on a PFAFF sew-away to a coastal town, Yzerfontein, somewhere on the west coast. So upon opening the cupboard storing the PIP’s (Projects in Progress) this little jumped towards me when the door was opened and I could hear it shout “finish me please!!”

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