Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kitchen renovations completed

I have been so busy lately with my quilt classes and group projects that I've totally forgotten to post photos of the completed kitchen and it turned out fine, works like a dream and somehow always looks neat (we would rather not mention the fact that I am not all that fond of kitchens) - one of my mottos "I don't do kitchens or gardens".  One can only have that many talents hey?!!

This is the "wet" area where all the cleaning gets done and can safely be hidden behind a door.  Another reason for the main kitchen always looking tidy.
The new back door going out to the breakfast patio.  I just loved the words "breakfast patio" - sounds so glamorous however in REAL life breakfast comes from a box IF it comes.  I still believe in the whole nine yards for breakfast.... bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, onion rings and sausages - alas if I had to make all of this; no-one would be in time for work or class - so let if be suffice to at least have the patio even if not used for the purpose.

Seen from another angle and even though I love it I do believe that I've had my fair share of renovations for a while now.

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