Sunday, May 27, 2012

First day of Roland Garros

The mister traveled back from Port Elizabeth this morning after his 5 day golf tournament and things changed slightly in the Pringle mansion.  It is only a mansion when he is not around.  Then I feel rich not having anyone to boss me around doing whatever I want when I want.  This morning however I had to quickly deal with the pile of un-ironed laundry I so neatly hid behind the closed door of a guest bedroom, vacuum the passage carpet which serves as a catch all when I exit my sewing room and just in general run through the house swishing and swiping to remove any traces of neglect.

Luckily he keeps me updated on his travel progress and I had plenty of last minute leisure time before he finally got home.  So I did what I do best twice a year - park myself at the TV to watch tennis and while doing that (day 1 is always somewhat of a given about who would win) I kept myself busy making these.

Wondering where these would be used?  Watch this space as I see the tennis is already starting at 9am tomorrow so I'll be sitting by the TV from early morning and might just be able to make good progress.

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