Saturday, May 26, 2012

Venue for a 21st

I noticed how I've been moving through different phases of life these last two weeks.  First it was an old age home for a life fully lived, then earlier this week I had to help plan a Stork party for a life yet to begin and later in the week my blonde and I went venue hunting for her 21st birthday party.

I think we found the perfect venue for the younger generation.  A hall with couches instead of tables and chairs, platters instead of a formal dinner and a magnificent view on a wildlife waterhole on the outside deck.

Another option was the Boma - outdoor fire, table and chair settings BUT it had stuffed animal heads against the walls and according to my dear blonde went against everything she believed, so the Boma was out.

Here the young lady with her planning hat on can be seen in action - files in one hand, torn denim and all.

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  1. Life does come full circle, but not in a couple weeks. Amazing how they grow up so fast and yet they are still your babies. Chris