Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Scherenschnitte - Part 1

Our guild (roughly 200 members) meets once a term and a challenge for every term is given.  Now even though I write the blog for our guild and am supposed to be clued up about the dates; time just seems to fly by me.  I would still think about participating in a challenge and before I know it is meeting day and I haven't even given the challenge a second thought.

Then I decided to be kind to myself and select the challenge for the very last term and see if I then can't finish it in time.  The problem was when I read the word I didn't even know what it meant; let alone how to make anything of it!

Off to trusted old Google I went and it turned out to be a German term translating to 'paper cutting'.  Remember those squares we folded and refolded in school art class before we'd start snipping shapes and corners from it and once folded open it resembled a snowflake of sorts?

This is exactly what our challenge 'Scherenschnitte' was however the crafters practicing this art form nowadays stepped it up a couple of notches.  Snowflakes...... so yesterday!

I however too tried my hand at the original snowflake idea with disastrous results as can be seen on this photo.

I then decided to try something else but it soon dawned on me that there is a huge difference between clipping paper and trying to do the same with fabric.  So after deciding on my design I thought that there would just be no way that I'll do all of this on fabric folded twice.  Not that the folding would be a problem but the cutting sure seemed daunting just looking at the picture.

First the applique paper design had to be ironed onto black fabric.  I used fairly cheap but rather stiff applique paper hoping the stiffness would count in my favor when cutting.  However the 'fairly cheap' counted against me as the paper didn't adhere to the fabric properly but so we learn.

Then the tedious process of cutting the applique shape started and believe me this was no quick job for one evening only.

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