Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Visiting the Bloem Show

We also took a little family time over the long weekend and visited the Bloem Show.  Just leisurely strolling through all the exhibition halls and looking at the goods sold by the vendors.

I didn't take too many photos; I suppose being a quilter aware of copyright I was scared I'll get charged with something illegal.  So I only took photos of those whom I knew won't sue me.

This was the reason why we had to take the blonde to the show year after year when she was little.  She enjoyed a camel ride more than any other of the rides at the fair.

Then I snapped the PFAFF ladies in their booth.  Marie (owner) left and Marlene (saleslady) right.  They were totally unaware of me taking this photo.

Remember my post about Marlene's grand babies HERE?  Well Marlene brought a nappy these little ones wore when born to the shop one day to show me.  Unbelievable to think that any human can be this tiny.

My DH showed real interest in buying ma a brand new machine but it seems Marie thought it to be a big joke, so now I'll just have to continue with what I have.  Darn!!

Done shopping we enjoyed lunch before going home.  Here the blonde and DH enjoy their platters.

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